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crusher rollersThe Ultimate in Hay Conditioning Rollers!

All new premium aftermarket replacement rollers run on any machine. Balanced at 1000 RPMs, use existing tension system, no air bags, no modifications to your machine.

Crusher Rollers are designed specifically for high abrasion resistance. Rubber lugs are 1-3/4 inches thick, the deepest lug on the market.

Crusher Rollers have a smaller, stronger core than OEMs. They provide a more complete stem crush because of full contact all across the width of the roller.


“With these rollers I can shoot for a window and know that my hay will be up before the rain! We bale 2 days sooner than we did with our conventional rollers”
Joe Berney

Berney Farms, Okanagan WA

What does The Crusher offer over conventional conditioning rollers?

  • Full Contact the entire width
  • Fully conditioned stems – faster dry down
  • Less leaf loss – more nutrition
  • Excellent feed-ability into baler
  • Self cleaning design
  • Designed for maximum rubber
  • Trueness – no vibration
  • No clogging
  • Bolt on replacement for most models

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