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bale skiisThe Bale Skiis Bale Liner is designed to improve efficiency, bale consistency and reduce wear and down time on your baler.

How does a Baler Liner work?

The Bale Liner covers the bale-forming chamber with a specially-designed, self-adjusting material. An anti-springback pattern machined into the product uniformly compresses the hay and keeps it compressed when the baler plunger retracts.

Benefits of using a Baler Liner:

  • More high protein leaves in the bale, not on the ground
  • More pounds per acre in the bale, not on the ground
  • Stops bale chamber plugging and buildup
  • Eliminates wear on your bale chamber


Tests showed a 30% reduction in leaf loss РSource: Alberta Farm Research Center

Watch the video to see how it works.

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